dog doesnt like dog food

Four Signs Your Dog Doesn’t Like His Dog Food

Dogs love to eat, trust me, I’ve seen them go after food like there isn’t any left on the planet. In fact, many dogs treat mealtime as the best part of their day. However, there also are a lot of dogs that wish their owners would feed them something they actually wanted to eat. Too many dogs go hungry because their owners don’t recognize the signs that they may not like the dog food being fed.

It’s not that these signs are so subliminal that it takes a dog whisperer to figure them out either. Most often, if you’re dog doesn’t like his food he will tell you by the way he acts.

Is your dog suffering through mealtime? Here are four signs that your dog doesn’t like his dog food:

  1. Your Dog Doesn’t Eat
  2. This is the most common and obvious sign that your dog doesn’t like his dog food. As humans when we don’t like something on our plate we don’t eat it. Our dogs are the same way. Many dog owners simply think “Oh, he must not be very hungry,” but in reality your dog is giving you a sign that the food in the bowl isn’t making them drool with anticipation.

    If your dog walks up to the bowl, takes a few sniffs, and walks away this is a telltale sign that they don’t like the dog food you’re feeding.

  3. Your Dog Eats Extremely Slow
  4. For some dogs it’s important to eat slowly so they don’t get sick to their stomach. This is true with older dogs and some over excited puppies. However, if your dog eats particularly slow and there isn’t an obvious reason, it could be because they don’t like the food.

    Dogs understand that they must eat to survive, but if they don’t like what they’re munching on they may eat reluctantly.

    This can be a sign that your dog isn’t interested in the food being offered. Sure, they’ll eat because they have to, but if they’re taking an immensely long time you may want to try putting something different in their bowl.

  5. The Dog Food Makes Them Sick or Feel Ill
  6. Dogs are very smart creatures and just like humans they can make associations between two things. For instance, if they eat their food and then feel sick shortly after, they understand that it’s the food that makes them feel that way. This doesn’t stop all dogs from eating, but many dogs will begin to eat less or cease eating altogether if their food upsets their stomach or makes them feel ill.

    A few ways to notice this is if your dog vomits shortly after meals or becomes lethargic. If your dog eats and his mood changes you may just associate this with having a “full stomach” or being overly full, however, this could be a sign that the food you’re feeding your dog doesn’t sit well with them. Your dog’s food should provide adequate nutrition and energy while ultimately making them feel good.

  7. Your Dog ‘Stalks’ You When You’re Eating Food
  8. Some dogs just really want a piece of what you’re munching on. They smell the sweet scent of that roast beef sandwich or bowl of popcorn and can’t resist watching you take every last bite. However, this can also be a sign that your dog isn’t getting the full satisfaction from his or her own meals.

    Ultimately your dog shouldn’t “feel” hungry throughout the day. They should be getting the nutrients they need from their food in order to make them feel satisfied and full of energy. Again, some dogs just really want a bite whether they’re hungry or not; but if your dog is overly concerned with your meals all the time it could be because they’re not getting what they need from their own.

What Do I Do If I Think My Dog Doesn’t Like His Food?

The short and straight answer is to try a different dog food. This could mean trying a different brand, trying a different protein (changing from chicken to beef), or feeding them a different kind of food altogether. For example, going from kibble to fresh raw.

One thing many of our customers at Nutrapooch mention when they start feeding our food is that their dogs absolutely relish mealtime. In fact, several of our customers have mentioned how amazed they were at the change in their dog’s appetite when they started feeding Nutrapooch meals. One customer in particular said:

Caine actually looks forward to eating now. Before I would have to entice him by swirling the dry food around in his bowl while the other dogs ate.

It would take him FOREVER to eat. Sometimes I would wait an extra 20 minutes and he’d still be slowly chomping with his face in the bowl. Now he’s eager to wait his turn for the bowl and gobbles it all up. He even licks the bowl clean which he never used to do!

In the end it’s extremely important that we monitor our dog’s feeding habits. The food we feed them really does matter, and it’s vital to their quality of life. If our dogs don’t eat or go through their lives eating something they really don’t like it can lead to many other behavioral problems and more importantly serious health problems.

If you don’t believe your dog is the biggest fan of their food we urge you to try something new.

The odds are good you’ll find something your dog really does love and you’ll be amazed at how differently your dog acts and the quality with which their life improves.

Here at Nutrapooch, one way we make this easier is by offering a number of starter packs that you can try to see if your dog will like our dog food (we’re sure they will!). These starter packs include all of our different proteins (chicken, beef, pork, and turkey) as well as our vegetable mix so your dog can do a full taste test. This is a simple way to give your dog a new, fresh dog food that will hopefully lead them to more enjoyable eating habits.

We want our dogs to thrive, not just survive, and feeding them a high quality meal they enjoy is paramount to a long healthy life.